10 Great Yoga Teachers You Need to Follow on Instagram Right Now

If you’re not using your Instagram account to get inspiration for your yoga, start today by following these 10 teachers who will take you to the next level.


Kathryn is not only an inspirational yoga teacher, but she also co-hosts the podcast Free Cookies on ESPNW. Her ‘Aim True’ philosophy comes through in her Instagram posts as she follows her dreams. Her #nostretchypants posts show us that there is life off the mat, even if it’s one influenced by her yogi values.


Jessamyn Stanley’s book, Every Body Yoga, focuses on just that — yoga for everybody. Her body positive attitude and willingness to discuss difficult topics makes her just what the yoga community needs. She is all about body positivity and feminine strength and her posts contain lessons for us all in becoming who we are meant to be. 


Sarah Beth’s YouTube videos contain great instruction for home practice and she creates new videos every Friday. Her Instagram is full of top tips, inspirational quotes, and food to fuel and inspire your yoga.

A cute yoga legging will spice up any photo. If you like the one above you can find them here.


Jason’s kind and calm manner have made him a favorite amongst online yoga teachers. His Instagram is not only full of inspirational quotes and pictures but contains plenty of real tips to help you improve your yoga technique and alignment.


Esther shows us a glimpse into her ‘real’ life and all the fun she is having, as well as her favorite yoga poses. Her videos are easy to follow and calming especially her nighttime yoga practices.


Laura shares her practice every day. She shows off dynamic poses and inspires her followers to go further in achieving their goals. Her yoga pants in every color of the rainbow will certainly give you yoga fashion envy!


Colleen Saidman Yee gives talks all over the world, has written a book entitled Yoga for Life and owns her own yoga studio. On top of all that, she regularly shares advice on her Instagram to make sure her followers don’t hurt themselves in poses.


A staple amongst the YogaGlo teachers, Taylor Harkness brings a strength to the mat whilst also reminding us that there is light to be found in yoga. Whilst teaching locally in Atlanta as well as online, Taylor is also training to be a Nurse Practitioner. He’s one of the most hard-working yogis around and an inspiration to see on your feed every day.


If you’ve ever been scared to attempt a handstand, Carson Clay Calhoun is going to make you conquer that fear. This inversion fanatic shows us just what is possible when you put the work in.


Honza and Claudine Lafond are the ultimate yoga power couple. They show incredible strength in their acro-vinyasa poses. Even better, in many of their photos, they are now joined by their daughter Sofie, a baby yogi!

What are you waiting for? Go and follow these accounts today!